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Your virtual assistant is your go-to problem-solver and primary source of assistance that offers their full skillset to you and your business or craft. Working completely remotely, your assistant fits in any size office, even if you don’t have an office. Our assistants provide professional, administrative, technical, (and but not limited to) creative & social assistance to clients.
Your virtual assistant will operate using your current SaaS products, and online business tools. You have the option of adding a regulated chair to your platform or allowing your assistant to access your platforms under your account. Just send over the need access information and away you go.
No. Off/Source provides a completely virtual experience for our clients and employees so you will not meet your VA in person however Video conference calls are always an option.

Literally anything you would ask someone who works in an office. Feel free to stretch your imagination on what your assistant can do. One of the best virtues of having a non-traditional assistant allows for flexibility.

$29/hr We have a retainer pricing structure to keep cost for owners to a minimum so you are not spending Thousands of dollars on a virtual assistant.
It provides you a key component to scaling your company, time. Your assistants shoulders the daily low ticket tasks that allow you to more efficiently focus on the important aspects of the business therefore allowing you to increase your revenue.
Whatever your preferred method of communication is:
Calls, text, email, and your management dashboard are all ways to request work from your virtual assistant.
Your management dashboard provided through Zoho will show you all of your projects, task hours, and even invoices you can pay directly through your dashboard. Also feel free to send email, or a call and just ask your assistant for a progress report.