How It Works for Clients

We provide small business owners with a virtual assistant team known as virtual office staff to off-source their office work. We use the business software you currently use (like your website, Quickbooks, CRM & other tools) and even help you set up programs that you want to have in place. Your account manager (part of your virtual office staff) makes sure that all of your work is distributed to the right people (graphic designers get graphic design work, bookkeepers get bookkeeping work, etc.). You’re able to track the progress and time of the work through your client portal. All your deliverables will be returned, and you will be notified of when your work is complete.

Why Go Virtual

  • Efficiently manage clients – Our virtual assistants manage your calls and emails. You’ll never miss another lead.

  • Drive business growth – There’s no need to go at it alone. Our virtual assistants keep you on track, provide immediate feedback, and reduce your workload, so you can work on scaling and growing your small business.

  • Access to the best talent – There’s no need to place countless ads or scour hundreds of resumes to find the right help. Our virtual assistants are highly-trained, understand the particular needs of Black and underrepresented (BAUR) small businesses, and can work from any geographical location or time zone.

  • Decrease operational costs – It takes money to make money, but you can save money with our virtual assistants. Get rid of costly office space, and pay only for your hourly or project-based needs.

  • Improve brand awareness – Brand awareness is important to improving your small business’ industry position. Our virtual assistants create content, promotional materials, newsletters, and other activities to maximize engagement with your brand.

Still not sure if the virtual assistant experience is right for your small business?

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