The history of Off/Source and HumanTech

We are a Black-owned and operated virtual assistance service that started in August 2019 as Angelo’s Assistants of America (AAA).

As an emerging Black-owned virtual assistance organization, we rebranded in January 2020 to Off/Source, Inc. We are fully-remote and innovative company that provides affordable operational assistance services while striving to advance the socioeconomic status of Black and underrepresented (BAUR) communities.


Our mission is to create a better micro-ecosystem for members of Black and underrepresented (BAUR) communities by consistently providing the same resources as those provided by large companies to small business owners.


Ultimately our goal is to grow large enough to were our impact affects how other companies mimic our strategies (which is simply investing in people) to have a positive change on micro ecosystems.

Core Principles

Off/Source, Inc.’s core principles are:

Off/Source, Inc. believes in investing in our employees, clients, and program partners to produce high-quality results

Supporting Black and Underrepresented (BAUR) Communities

Off/Source, Inc. is committed to providing Black and underrepresented (BAUR) small business owners with the support needed to ensure strategic and long-term entrepreneurial success.

As a Black-owned and operated startup, we concentrate on supporting entrepreneurs,
founders, and small business owners in the BAUR community. Off/Source, Inc.’s goal is to reclaim BAUR wealth despite the harmful systemic and institutionalized challenges these communities face.

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