BAUR Communities

As a B2B firm, we are proud to serve other dreamers and entrepreneurs, and we believe that we are helping to build wealth by providing our service to the BAUR (Black and Under-Represented) community.

Off/Source provides the largest range of virtual assistant services on the market geared toward small business owners and entrepreneurs. Additionally, we are trying to create a sage micro ecosystem for business owners in the BAUR community through our referral program and upcoming social network.

As a black owned and founded organization, it is our core belief that providing our employees with a quality career that has proper compensation and a healthy work environment will produce highly efficient results for clients. We ensure that each and every client is meticulously catered to by investing in our people.

It is our CORE mission to build a better, more employee-focused ecosystem that values the only piece of technology that will never go out of business:


The Assistance You Deserve

Here at Off/Source we are dedicated to supporting our local BAUR communities by providing the resources that large companies use to small scale businesses. Referrals, access to human capital, teams, and management; all at an affordable price. Because we know that REAL assistance requires REAL people.

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